4 Hip Hop Moves For Fitness

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Hip Hop is a fun way to get in exercise while having fun. Yes, it does count as exercise because it burns more calories than jogging (400 per hour). Many celebrities use Hip Hop in their fitness routines. It keeps them graceful and flexible.

It takes a little practice to get good at hip hop, but you are working out and dancing from the moment you begin. There is no wrong way to dance. We are going to show you 4 beginner Hip Hop steps that will allow you to join the Hip Hop craze today!

Before you begin

The first thing you want to do is wear the proper clothing. We all know jeans are not comfortable to dance in unless you are a seasoned pro and many of us do not feel comfortable in wearing a leotard. The solution is harem pantsThey are gathered in the right places to keep them out of your way, with plenty of room to move.  Once you are dressed right, your brain will be signaled that is time to have some fun. It will produce and distribute the right chemicals to keep you going.

The Step and Slide

This is an easy step, though it does take a little practice. To do this, you need to stand with legs apart, on your toes, and a loose upper body. You are going to do a series of steps, left to right while moving your arms. You can clap on step if it will make it easier. Soon you will be moving your hands to the body as you step.  First, you will step left and step right twice. Keep your knees bent. Then you will do a double step left and a double step right. Finally, you will take a wide step and slide to the direction of your step. For a tutorial, click here


The Bounce and Cross

Standing with your feet apart, bend the knees.You are going to bounce left to right to a count of 8. As you go out you will make a cross in front of your body and when you return to your center, uncross them. You need to use a lot of bounce and movement. This is a simple, yet high-energy step. Here is a tutorial to help you.


The Bend and Point

Still staying with the theme of dancing with the bounce, we are changing the basic move a bit for this, more sophisticated step. With each step, you will stand centered with your knees bent, heels on the ground. You will bounce your body left to right with a bounce but do not move your feet. As you bounce out, push your arms in front of you and as you bounce in, pull the back to you. Use a lot of movement in your upper body and a lot of bounce in the legs. Here is an example of the step.



When a Hip Hop dancer is “Floating” they are creating the illusion that they are dancing in the air. The three main moves are:

  • The float
  • The glide
  • Sliding

These are very basic moves that dancers are taught early on in their training.

The entire purpose to make it appear that there is no friction between the floor and the dancer’s shoes.

written by contributor Wendy Dessler


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