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Published March 4, 2018 by in Fun & Fashionable, Teachers Tip DanceBingo

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If you’re a part of some of the Dance groups on Facebook or have spotted Rita Zeshonski’s studio Ovations at competitions, you may have seen her Competition Bingo. Rita stopped by to tell us why and how she developed it and how you can too!

Rita developed it as a learning tool for parents to show what not to do at competitions. It’s also a fun and funny things to do to keep parents entertained/occupied during a long weekend of competition.

Parents are sometimes just as nervous as their kids and have a tendency to want to over involve themselves once their dancer is ready. They don’t know what to do with their downtime so this was a fun way to give them something to do and break the tension. And help to keep their mind off their child.

Rita organized her board into 4 categories: I Spy, I heard, Scavenger Hunt, Rule Breakers.

I Spy: Things you might see on stage/during awards ceremony. Ex: Your studio gets Judges award

I Heard: Popular songs you might hear

Scavenger Hunt: Gives parents things to look out for when they’re not sitting in the theater. Also encourages them to be interactive with their child or the competition itself. ex: takes a dance pose picture of yourself with 2 other dance parents by the competition sign.

Rule Breakers: Things you aren’t supposed to do at a competition. Ex. someone taking video in the theater.

The Prizes: If you got Bingo it’s a high five. But if you clear the whole board, you get a gift certificate at our local pizza joint. Of course you can make up any prizes you want to.

This was absolutely developed to be a learning tool for the parents. Parents are the only ones that get to play the game. Categories like I Spy and Rules Breakers are meant to help them be aware of things that aren’t appropriate at competition or may cost the routines points. Or even disqualification.

Remember it’s all fun and games.

Download Competition Bingo now!

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