Creating with Convertible Costumes

Published October 10, 2017 by in All Things Dance, Dance Costumes, Fun & Fashionable, Teachers Tip ConvertibleCostume

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This year we created a beautiful convertible dance costume that you can easily incorporate into your dance recital.

Style 18970 comes in 3 colors that all change from sequin velvet shortall to to lace dress; red-to-black, black-to-white, white-to-gray.

And transform your costume mid-performance is easier than you thing. Check out the video of our model showing you just how easy it can be!

Now check out other examples of convertible costumes, be inspired and start planning your performance!

On this year’s season finale of So You Think You Can Dance, Koine & Kiki performed a lovely contemporary number to Joni Mitchell featuring a blink and you’ll miss it costume change. Koine’s draped white dress converts to a sexy black number while the camera is focused on her face. The whole performance is worth watching but catch the change around the 0:27 mark.

You may have seen videos of these amazing Disney princess costumes designed by her dad. The little girl’s seemingly plain dresses becomes a gorgeous princess gown as she twirls.

Two years ago we created a convertible Cinderella uniform for Diamond Bar High School Color Guard. For their “Before the Clock Strikes Midnight” performance they went from the drab cleaning uniforms to beautiful blue gowns ready for the ball. You can catch the transformation mid-performance around the 3:10 mark.

Inspired yet? Start choreographing!

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