Customize Your Leggings

Published October 5, 2018 by in Dance Costumes, Teachers Tip Leggings

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Customize your look with our lace up leggings.

Get the hip hop look you want with our faux leather leggings with customizable, changeable lace up side insets.

Watch the mesmerizing time-lapse video below showing our standard lace up technique and then browse through 6 more ways to lace up your leggings!

The Zig Zag

The Every Other

19357 Lace up Leggings2

The Horizontal

19357 Lace Up Leggings 3

The Knot

19357 Lace Up Leggings 4

The Halfway

19357 Lace Up Leggings 6

The Ladder

19357 Lace Up Leggings 5

How are you lacing up your leggings? Show us a picture in the comments or tag us on instagram!


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