Recital Day Disasters & How to Avoid Them

Published May 29, 2017 by in All Things Dance, Teachers Tip, Wishful Thinking AreYouReady

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Dance recitals are the culmination of a year’s worth of work!

They can be the highest of highs! But we all know that mishaps can happen and it’s always best to be prepared. We have the 4 biggest problems that can arise and some ideas for how keep the from becoming a disaster!

Bright Lights, Scared Kids

Boy With Stage Fright --- Image by © Randy Faris/CORBIS

We’ve all been there; months of classes, steps all taught, dance costumes bought, and your students are seconds from showtime. You’ve prepared your dancers the best you can but there’s no telling how they’ll perform when those bright lights are finally shining on them.

Stage fright can happen to anyone, but your littlest dancers are particularly susceptible, so give them as many chances to perform in front of a crowd as possible. Have them rehearse at the end of every class and bring in other dance students or teachers if you can to watch. A dress rehearsal is also an important part of your students preparation. By giving them a chance to perform on a dance stage, with the lights and everything, your dancers can become more comfortable and will be able to do their best!


And 4, 5, 6… What’s Next?

forget the steps- recital day disasters

What’s the next step of stage fright? Forgetting all those moves you’ve spent months teaching them! All that hard work, all those hours teaching the right technique, can seem like their forgotten in a second.

When your littlest dancers forget the steps it can be adorable and add to the memories of the day. But your tween and teen dancers might need an extra confidence boost. Give them a minute to meditate and remind them that they have practiced and prepared as much as they can. Tell them that muscle memory will kick in if they relax. And also if they miss a step not to worry! They should just jump right back into it. Smile, and no one in the audience will notice!


Put Your Face On

makeup mishaps - recital day disasters

Makeup is another important part of the performance. And applying dance recital makeup can be hard no matter how many times you’ve performed!

If you have a specific look you’re going for, make sure you communicate it clearly to all the dancers and parent volunteers know. Share an inspirational Pinterest board (we found these amazing glitter eyeshadow ideas!) or makeup tutorial so everyone is on the same page. Ask them to bring all the makeup and clean up supplies, but to be on the safe side make sure you have have extras too. Key tools to include are brushes, Q-tips and make up remover.


Dressed to Impress

Bravo-Dance-Center- recital day disasters

The last thing you want (and we want!) is for your dance students to experience any dance costume disasters! But you can prepare for just about anything! Stain on a dance costume? Bring a Tide stick. Run in a pair of tights (or too)? Make sure you have plenty of extra ‘Wish’ recital tights. And it’s always a good idea to have extra shoes, barrettes and hair spray on hand!

If you need to adjust a costume last minute have a needle and thread on hand and our easy-to-follow strap sewing tutorial. Another way to keep you night stress free is to have a backstage helper. This mom or volunteer can check makeup, costumes and help keep your dancers calm and ready to dance. Make sure they have pins, tape and bobby pins on hand to handle most problems that may come up last minute.

Now you’re ready for anything!

Do you have your own tricks for a recital that’s gone off the rails? Share them in the comments!

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