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Did you know that most dance costumes we offer for girls have a coordinating boys costume?

You’ve already looked through our hundreds dance costumes for your female dancers and selected the perfect ones for them. And now you need to find the perfect costume for your male dancers to match! You can browse through our Guys Catalog to see all our masculine options. But how will you know if they go together?

Allow us to show you how easy it is to match any style!

Matchmaking Made Easy

We have a plethora of basic guys styles that can match dozens, if not hundreds, of dance costumes. By selecting a guys top in one fabric your can coordinate it with female dance styles that contain that same fabric in the same or similar colors.


Flat Foil Lycra

Dance Partners - Flat Foil Lycra

Style 333 is a flat foil lycra guy’s top that is available in 12 colors and can easily coordinate with kids or teen dance costumes for tap, jazz or character. And all the styles shown with it have flat foil lycra or metallic fabrics that match.


Sequin Spandex

Dance Partner - Sequin Spandex

Style 12743 is a sequin spandex colored shirt, available in 9 colors. All the girls styles contain the same red sequin spandex and will make your dancers look like they belong together. Remember that you can match style 14631 by selecting the Guys shirt in turquoise.



dance partners - spandex

Your male dancers will look quiet dapper on stage in style 17660 with their button up, two tone collared shirts. Coordinate them with tap (17466), jazz (17535) or even ballet (17751) dance costumes to create the finest looking dance ensemble on stage!

And this is just the beginning! Find even more guy dance costume and learn more ways to match them with their dance partners in our Guys Catalog.

Or start shopping our Guys selection online today!

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