How To: Survive the Holiday Season

Published December 16, 2016 by in All Things Dance, Wishful Thinking holidaysurvival

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The Holiday season is finally here and we’re so excited!

But it can also be an exhausting time! Holiday performances, dance costume ordering and restless students. Not to mention everything going on outside the dance studio. Here are some tips to get you through this fun and tiring season.

Catch Those Zzzz’s

Sleep is always important, but when you add in a long holiday season filled with performances, practices and parties, sleep becomes even more important. Getting enough rest helps your body recover and keeps your mind sharp for calculating your dance costume discount.

Routines are Routine

Routines keep your mind and body healthy (and we’re not just talking about dance routines). Sticking to your exercise regimen will keep your body in shape and your mind healthy. Either establish or keep up a routine at night to help you wind down and end the night on the right foot. We recommend a warm bath, a nice book and our 2017 Dance Catalog!

Body Talk

Your body often knows what it needs so listen to it! If you have to keep up a very physical schedule, give yourself extra time to stretch and wind down. If possible even try to treat yourself to a sauna or massage. ‘Tis the season of giving after all!

Eat, Drink…

Don’t forget to keep your body happy and full! Healthy eating and staying hydrated will keep your body happy and hopefully stave off those winter colds. For this on-the-go season make sure you always have snacks and a water bottle with you. Also try to meal plan and prep at the beginnings of the week so your diet and nutrition doesn’t go off the rails by the end of the week.

…And Be Merry

This is a season for family, friends and fun! Don’t forget to leave time to enjoy the holidays, whether it’s shopping (for dance costumes of course), family dinners or quality time with friends.

What are your tips for surviving your busiest seasons?

Leave us a comment below with your own tips and tricks!

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