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Published December 14, 2016 by in Dance Costumes canada

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Attention Canadian Dance Studios

A Wish Come True is taking the headache out of dance costume ordering and importing into Canada.

Say Goodbye to Hidden Costs

At the time you place your A Wish Come True costume order, you will have the true total cost of your order, including all fees, taxes, duties and shipping costs.

We are pleased to announce that A Wish Come True has registered as a Non-Resident Importer (#813731676) and has been approved to collect GST (Goods and Services Tax) and HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) by the Canadian Revenue Agency. A Wish Come True will invoice you at time of purchase in USD for any GST, HST and any applicable duty. A Wish Come True will pay the Canadian Revenue Agency all tax & duty. You will not receive any bills from outside parties in reference to your A Wish Come True purchases.

NO Brokerage FEES

That’s right! A Wish Come True will now act as the broker of record for Canadian shipments and will not be charging you any brokerage fees.

NO Provincial Sales Tax for BC, MB, QC & SK

All shipments will be brokered through Ontario, so no PST (Provincial Sales Tax) or QST (Quebec Sales Tax) is due for British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec & Saskatchewan.

  • Saskatchewan (SK)          SAVE 5%
  • British Columbia (BC)    SAVE 7%
  • Manitoba (MB)                  SAVE 8%
  • Quebec (QC)                       SAVE 9.975%

Quicker Delivery for Less

A Wish Come True’s new Non-Resident Importer status will improve flow of shipments through customs and reduce transportation time!

What Else?

Want to ship through UPS or another shipping provider?

Process your online order using the Check Option and make a not in the comments or call us.

Want to discuss more ways to improve our service in your area?

Please contact us at 1-800-755-2248.

Your business is important to us and A Wish Come True will continue to work hard to reduce your costs and make it easier to import dance costumes to Canada. 

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