Partner Workouts for Team Conditioning, Part 1

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Partner workouts promote teamwork, camaraderie, and increased strength.

Using a teammate instead of exercise equipment allows your dancers to replicate effective exercises in and out of class. Using body weight instead of equipment keeps costs low for you and challenges your dancers.

The 5 partner workouts outlined below focus on increasing strength, power, and endurance. Before you begin any strength-training program, be sure to warm up with dynamic movements.

Dynamic Movement Warm Ups

1. Copy Cat Routine 

Grab a stopwatch and have all your dancers chose a partner. Then select three of the following exercises: Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Skipping, or Burpees. One partner starts as the leader. They move between the selected exercises as quickly as they’d like. Their partner must copy them and keep up! Set your stopwatch for 2 minutes and every 30 seconds tell the dancers to switch so the other partner is the leader.


Exercises for Upper Body & Core Strength

Plank High Five

Partners plank on their hands and toes facing each other. Alternating hands, partners will high five each other for 1 minute.



3. Sit Up Mountain Climber
One partner lays on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the floor ready to do a sit up. The other partner planks at their feet, supporting their hands ON the partners feet. The partner on the ground crosses their arms over their chest and does as many sit ups as they can for 30 seconds. The planking partner alternates tucking one knee in and then the other to execute a mountain climber. After 30 seconds partners switch positions.



4. Side Plank with Rotation and Clap

Each partner begins in a side plank back to back. The top leg should kick-stand out in front of each partner for support. Each partner raises their free arm toward the sky creating a “T” shape with their body. From there, reach the free arm under the rib cage without lifting hips toward the sky, and partners clap hands under their rib cage. Arms make an arcing motion when they return back to the top. After 30 seconds, switch to support the body on the other side.


Exercise for Lower Body & Leg Strength


5. Wall Sit Toe Taps 

Partners place their backs on a wall and drop their seat until knees form a 90 degree angle. Pressing their backs into the wall, tendu the right leg out in front, then to the side. Repeat on the left until 1 minute has passed.

Stay Tuned for 5 BONUS workouts next week, including Plyometric Exercises!

Written by contributor Katie Peyton

Katie is a Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and world champion dancer. She has combined her 25 years of dance and her expertise in nutrition and fitness to create conditioning classes and nutrition lectures designed just for dancers. Katie empowers dancers to view themselves as athletes and gives them the tools to increase their strength, endurance, injury prevention and overall performance. 

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