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Published December 19, 2016 by in All Things Dance, Dance Costumes, Fun & Fashionable, Wishful Thinking btsawct

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What you see in our catalogs and online are beautiful pictures of dance costumes, featuring models that make dancing looking stunning and effortless.

But A Wish Come True photoshoots are often a a crazy whirlwind of makeup, hair do’s and costume changes. To show you all that goes on behind the scenes, we kept a photo journal from one of our latest photoshoot. Let the fun begin!

After you check in one of the first stops is the hair and make up room of course! Depending on how many dance costumes you’re in or what creative direction the costumes call for,  you could be visiting Kelly and Terry a many times!



Next up is the Model Room. Here you’ll find racks with your name on it and your costumes for the day.


The Photoshoot Room is where all the magic happens. We shoot front and back of every dance costume, as well as group shots when needed. Our photoshoot team, including the Photographer (Rick), Poser (Rita), Designer (Lisa) and Marketing Director (Renee) are all in attendance to get the perfect shot!


And this is what you’ll be looking at for most of the day!


Today our Poser is Rita. We use a poser to ensure we show correct dance form for each dance style.


Emily is busy keeping track of all our models, their costumes and accessories. Her handy clipboard and schedule are essential for a successful photoshoot day!


If we think the dance costume needs an extra pop of color or more sparkle we have a few accessories ready and waiting.


Photoshoots might seem glamorous. But the reality is a bit different.


But, don’t worry, we do feed you! We think tutus and pizza are a match made in heaven.


After a long day of hard work it’s finally time to go home!


Thanks for all your hard work models! We really couldn’t do this without you!

Do you want to star in next year’s catalog? We accept model applications all year long. And don’t forget to check out our blog post about how to submit the perfect model applications!

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