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Published June 20, 2017 by in Teachers Tip, Wishful Thinking SummerSchoolforDanceTeachers

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We’re going back to school and you can too!

There’s no school bell. No desks. No lunch hour (or recess). Instead you can spend just a few hours online, educating yourself!

Here are our top 5 online classes you can take to learn something new and improve your life and business. And they’re all FREE!


How to Be Happy and Have the Life you Want: Tools for Success 

Want to find more happiness, excitement and fulfillment in your life and your career? This is the class for you. And it only takes an hour!



A Mini Course on Time Management

Need something to do while your procrastinating? Learn how to better manage your time! It will not only be the best 37 minutes you spend this week, but it will help you manage the next 37 and beyond.



The Core Four of Personal Finance 

Do you have problems balancing your checkbook? Not even sure where to find your checkbook? Spend an hour learning how to take control of your personal finances and how to spend and save wisely.



Video Basics for All: Shoot with Your iPhone, Edit Like a Pro

Taking a video is as easy as point and click. But taking a good video does take a little more effort. Luckily SkillShare got you covered! Learn some easy basics and cool techniques for how to make a video that will impress your friends, internet or otherwise.



7 Morning Habits to Level-Up Your Daily Productivity and Creativity 

You’re either a morning person or not, right? Well if you’re normally not, don’t worry. In as much time as it takes to make make and eat breakfast, you can learn how to optimize your morning and become more productive.

So that’s it. In less than 5 hours learn how to: balance your budget, become a morning person and manage your time, edit a video and be happier! 

What online classes classes have you taken and recommend? Let us know in the comments.


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