The Newest Trend in Team Wear – Sublimated Printing

Published April 13, 2018 by in All Things Dance, Dance Costumes, Teachers Tip Dance Team Uniforms - Ultra Impress Sublimated Printing

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Looking to up your dance team’s game this year?

Design a look that perfectly suits your squad with A Wish Come True. Sublimated printing is where colors and patterns are printed directly onto the fabric to create seamless and unique uniforms. Sublimated printing allows you to choose your silhouette, your pattern, your colors.

Start with your silhouette.

Get the quintessential sporty look with our football t-shirt with your colors, team name, a team number and your mascot on it. You can also choose racerback tanks and raglan long sleeve tops for relaxed yet glamorous looks. All styles are available in jersey knit, athletic mesh or sequin spandex to help tailor your look to your team. Our Ultra Impress styles have sleek and slimming styles lines and include everything from tank dresses to crop tops, skirts to leggings. Mix and match to get the look you want.

Sublimated Printing Football Shirts - Dance Team Uniforms

Choose your pattern.

Our Ultra Impress styles come in 6 different patterns that evoke different textures and geometric shapes. The Frequency pattern on styles T2215T2221 evokes bold movement and energy while the Liberty pattern on styles T1915T1921 have smooth and controlled look. When complimented with your team colors, theses designs can help your team make an impact that’s completely, uniquely you.

Sublimated Printing Tanks - Dance Team Uniforms

Choose your color

One of the most important parts of completing your dance team’s look is the ability to feature your team’s colors. Sublimated printing, with our unique TrueColors design tools allow you to create a uniform that your team will stand out in. Whether you want to match your school colors, team colors or create a palate that’s completely new, you can do it with a Wish.

Shop all styles and start creating now on our website!

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