The Importance of a Holiday Show

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The Importance of a Holiday Show: Improve Dancers’ Performance Quality and Increase your Costume and Ticket Sales Revenue this Season

Written by contributor Tiffany Henderson with Amanda Scott from Twinkle Star Dance

Let it be known, I love the holidays! I treasure the time spent decorating, gift giving, entertaining. In December I turn into a modern day Martha; except I doubt she ever had to carry her mini corn dogs home in a dance bag at 9:00pm on a Tuesday after teaching Jazz.

Anyways, about five years ago I decided I wanted to capture the magic of the holidays and create a winter variety show in addition to our studio tradition of “The Nutcracker.” I always admired my own dance teacher for creating performing opportunities for all of her students and I wanted to instill this same philosophy in my own studios. Thus, the “Dancin’ Holiday Magic” Holiday Show at Tiffany’s Dance Academy was born.

Throughout the last few seasons I have put together a list of the importance of a Holiday Show at your studio. While some of the benefits are obvious, I thought I would share a little holiday cheer in the hopes that you are inspired to create and costume your own magic this year!


Why should you do a Holiday Show?

The immediate “yes” to why you should do a Holiday Show is that is generates additional revenue during a short month. A Holiday Show means I have income from costume sales, ticket sales, and tuition to enjoy my holiday break instead of stressing about making rent, payroll, etc. in December.  

Also, a Holiday Show offers a non-competitive performance opportunity for all dancers at your studio. Double win, getting my recreational dancers on stage two times per year means they have more performing experience and they become better dancers.

Finally, it’s fun and festive! My dance families look forward to our Dancin’ Holiday Magic show every year.


So what is stopping you?

Working with other dance studio owners through Twinkle Star Dance I often hear the excuse, “Holidays come up too quick while I am planning the start of my year.” Other examples are not having enough time to plan, research, and select costumes, find a venue, find music, edit music, choreograph dances… trust me I get it!

That’s why I partnered with A Wish Come True this season to help you get started. We paired select A Wish Come True holiday costumes with Twinkle Star Dance choreography to help create your own “Dancin” Holiday Magic.”  


Plan your holiday show today in three easy steps:

  1. Costumes – Check out the collection of A Wish Come True Holiday styles at
  2. Choreography – See all the suggested Twinkle Star Dance tried and true routines at
  3. Edited Music – Once you purchase your Twinkle Star Dance routines, we share any music edits with you.

Still not convinced? Join us for a webinar sponsored by A Wish Come True on Thursday, September 21 at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST.  

Claim your spot here:

About Tiffany Henderson

Tiffany is the successful owner of seven Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations with over 2500 students and enrollment of over 4000. She produces four Nutcracker’s each December, a professional dance performance each year and her 300 performing company dancers participate in 4 convention competitions each season. Oh yeah, she also still teaches 15 hours a week and produces 25 annual recitals during the first two weeks of June. Tiffany is a regular guest speaker at Dance Teacher Summit, DanceLife Conference, Danceteacherweb Conference and contributor to Dance Teacher magazine, and Dance Informa Magazine.


About Twinkle Star Dance

Founded by Tiffany Henderson, owner of seven Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations in California, Twinkle Star Dance is a complete toolkit for studio owners that enables them to “plug” a recreational dance program into their existing studio without increasing their workload. Our mission is to help dance studio owners re-focus their efforts on the backbone of their studio….. the recreation 2-6 year old dancers and the tricky 6-12 year old beginners.

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