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Published October 12, 2018 by in Dance Costumes, Teachers Tip, Wishful Thinking TinyTots

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Looking for a way to get new students and new business into your studio? Why not start a Tiny Tots program?

Most dance classes start at age 3 or older. Tiny Tots classes are for infants to 3 year olds and are a great activity for children and parents to do together. They also take place during the daytime hours your studio might otherwise be empty. Get new dancers in before they can walk!


So how can you get started?

You can start a Tiny Tots or Mommy & Me class of your own. Create some fun and easy creative movement dances/activities that will be easy for a parent to do with their children, whether they walk or not. You can add props you already have from your dance classes like hula hoops, balls, etc, as a way to create movement for a class of infants barely on their feet. These classes also fill your daytime hours when your studio might otherwise be empty.


What else can you do?


Don’t want to start your own class or don’t have the time to lead one? You can rent the space to a Zumbini teacher. Zumbini is a ready-made “Mommy and Me” program that combines music, dance and educational tools. By bringing in Zumbini you can get those kids and parents into your studio early without bringing on extra work for yourself.


Rent Out Your Studio

Another way to get students in early? Rent out your space to other Mommy groups. Put up bulletins in your local churches or stores to let people know you have the space available for group activities. Instead of having empty classrooms during the day when your dancers are at school, you can use the space for extra revenue. Again you can also rent out the props you already have for dance classes. tinytots2

Did you know we have a whole Tiny Tots dance costume collection?

Whether your start your own Tiny Tots class or bring in a ready-made program like Zumbini, you can put on a performance or have an extra special final class with costumes! A Wish Come True has girls and boys costumes designed for your littlest dancers! See them all today.


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