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Dance teachers, it’s time to breathe that sigh of relief! Recital season is finally over and summer is within your grasp.

But wait! Summer is no longer vacation season for dance studio owners and teachers. Summers are actually a great time for studios to expand their business and reconnect to their students and community. So what should you do?

The Follow Through

recital follow up emails

While social media allows you to share pictures and videos, an email is a great way to say thank you to the parents, teachers and dancers for a fabulous year. A post-recital email puts the finishing touches on a season and ensures your dance students don’t go off into the summer without thinking about what a great year they’ve had one more time.

In the email you can thank parents for their support and show what that support led to with some great recital shots. Then get them looking forward to next year with links to next year’s registration. Don’t forget to include any referral or discount programs you’re planning for next year. And any exciting news about new classes, teachers or summer events your dance studio will be hosting.


See It In Print

printed mailers

The more personal you can be with your students and parents the better. And what’s more personal than snail mail these days! If you had a professional photographer at your recital, show your appreciation to each parents with one or two pictures of their child. Parents will be so happy to have a professional picture of their tiny dancer at their recital.

With the personal pieces of mail, include important information about the studio. You can include the schedule for next year, updates about the studio and any events your studio is holding over the summer. And don’t forget early registration! Either send out a registration form or a link to where they can register online. You don’t want to send them a 1o pound envelope but the personal touch with general information will help your studio!


A Picture Says A Thousand Words

recital pictures on social media

In our digital age, there are pictures and videos galore of all your dancers during class, rehearsal and performance. If you don’t have your camera phone out, you can bet your students parents are documenting their kid’s dance experiences! And by sharing this content on social media throughout the year, and especially during the summer, you can keep your dancer’s memories alive and keep them connected to your dance studio even when they’re away for the summer.

Ask your students and parents to share whatever pictures and videos they create with you and you’ll have a plethora of content! But make sure you have the parents permission to post pictures. Send out a photo release permission slip at the start of each season so you’re covered for the year.


Beach Party at the Studio

summer party at the studio

As we mentioned in our 4 Quick Dance Studio Tips post, turning your studio into an event space is a great way to create revenue and to connect with your greater community. And there is no better time for this than summer.

Host summer camps or dance workshops for current students or other kids who want to dance, have princess parties and more. The new kids from your community will have a great time and the parents will have a preview of what they can expect from joining your studio. Also reach out to the community by getting involved in  other events like 4th of July parades or park clean ups! Creating goodwill with your town will add longterm value for yourself and your dance studio.

So what will you be doing this summer?

Let us know in the comments!

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