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Published March 8, 2017 by in All Things Dance, Dance Costumes, Fun & Fashionable, Wishful Thinking DanceTeamFabrics

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Ready? Ok!

Our 2017 Dance Team Collection is available now to shop!

Featuring the signature ‘Wish’ style and quality you’ve come to expect from us, with some exciting new features! Looking for brand new warm up gear, showstopping dance team uniforms and ways to customize it all? A Wish Come True is your one stop shop for all your dance team, drill team, kickline and twirl needs.

Find out about what new features we’re excited about in our “What’s New” series. First up: fabrics! Learn why we love some of our new fabrics below.

dryfit team styles

Moisture-Wicking Dryfit

Our newest edition to our fabric lineup is our moisture-wicking dryfit and space dye dryfit fabrics. Moisture-wicking fabrics pull moisture from the body to the exterior of the clothing so it can evaporate more easily. It’s the same kind of fabric used in athletic wear!

We used our dryfit fabrics on select dance team, warm ups and all of our sublimated printing styles so your dancers can stay active and dry. Use our TrueColor Design Tools with all dryfit styles to create a look that’s completely you!

hologram team styles

Hologram Foil Dot

We’re so excited to introduce our Hologram Foil Dot Spandex fabric to our Team collection! The complete coverage of metallic or colored hologram dots creates a unique shining and sparkling pattern that adds a lot of dimension to any dance team style. And you have a full line up of colors to choose from, from gold on black to bright lime!

glitz sequin team styles

Glitz Sequin Spandex

We turned the sparkle up to 11 with our new Glitz Sequin Spandex! This mixed sequin fabric features large, small and squiggly shaped sequins that blend to create a high end performance style. Get the most dynamic looks that shine with every moment.


Floral Lace

Add an elegant edge to your competition looks with Floral Lace. This stretchy flowery lace adds a feminine detail in solid coloring, whether part of a top or dress. Choose from 6 different colors from bold black to sweet sangria.

We are so excited about our new fabrics, as well as favorite classics, and the unique styles they’re featured on! See all our new 2017 dance team styles on online and in our e-catalog!

And let us know what your favorite part of our 2017 collection is in the comments.

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