4 Tips for the Wish Fit

Published November 30, 2018 by in Dance Costumes, Teachers Tip, Wishful Thinking HowtoMeasure

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It’s measuring time again! Take the guesswork out of ordering this year with these 4 quick tips even pros can use.

1. For best result, measure your performers in a form fitting unitard or leotard. Street clothes my lead to inaccurate measuring.

2. When in doubt, go by girth. If you dancers is falling between styles with different parts of the body, we find the girth measurement to be the most accurate.

3. Follow our handy measuring video (seen below)! This will show you exactly where and how to measure.

4. If you’re worried about measuring correctly, use a sizing kit instead. This helpful tool is a set of plain black lycra unitards, leotards or pants in each size. Have your dancers try them on to determine which fits them best.

Extra Credit: Keep in mind XXLC & XXLA garments cannot be returned, exchanged or cancelled, so order carefully.


You can find all this sizing information and more on our website.

Have more questions? Call our knowledgable and helpful customer service representative now at 1-800-755-2248. They cannot choose your sizes for you, but they can help you make a decision with confidence.

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